Today, Allen asks:

I found your nice, friendly page, and wonder if it’s really this easy to find an answer to my question. You are definitely a lot more knowledgeable than I am, so here goes.

I live in New York City and have been using Verizon DSL for 5+ years. My ancient Westell Bell Atlantic modem still works fine. My speed is satisfactory.

I want to buy an iPod Touch and set up a Wi-Fi network in my small apartment. Guys at the Apple Store tell me to buy an AirPort, but someone said that if I do that I will have to have my computer running in order to get Wi-Fi. I don’t want to do that. Another friend suggested that I just call Verizon and ask them to send me a router.

What do you suggest? Can you explain what I need? If I buy a router from Verizon, do I ask for just any router, or is there a special type that I need?

I will be extremely grateful for your advice.

First off, thanks for the kind words. I will certainly do what I can and should I come up short, you can generally count on the Lockergnome community to come through with some in with some good advice in the comments area.

Yes, Apple store employees will push the Apple product as they unfortunately, are trained to do this. It’s a shame, but the same can be said about Best Buy employees pushing Microsoft products — guess we can call it job security these days.

At any rate, I would simply purchase a good DSL compatible router from your local big box (Best Buy, etc.) store. And yes, in order to properly configure your router to be secure from unauthorized users accessing it for Wi-Fi access, a wired connection would be needed for a PC. Your router’s instructions, which generally come on CD, will assist you with this.

If you are looking for Wi-Fi *exclusively* for your iPod Touch and not for daily use with a notebook computer, I would just get a cheaper Linksys wireless router and make sure it is set up for 802.11g access.

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