There is a person who goes by the name of David Jacob that has been posting fake reviews of consumer products around the Internet. Some shoppers have cornered the fake reviewer and are warning other shoppers of the bad advice being given by David. Over at David Jacob provided a review of a product from a company by the name of Gamenamics.

David wrote:

This Gamenamics 10 FT Shuffleboard is Great !!! Premium SOLID Maple Play-field, HUGH overhead scoring , Its a piece of FURNITURE that you play a game on !!! ITS GREAT !!!!! [..] This item assembles in 15-20 minutes ! Make sure you have ONE helper as the unit is ROCK SOLID and VERY HEAVY !. The SOLID Maple playfield is a work of art !!! This is the “Caddy” of shuffleboards ! I could play this game forever !!!

Others responded to his review[s]:

Dude. Stop writing FAKE reviews. It is difficult enough to get objective advice without trolls like you pitching the products.You write like you innocently opened the package as a “regularJoe” when it’s actually pretty clear you only write reviews for Gamenamics products. Very glowing reviews, I might add.Please go away and let people with real opinions write here.

Mr. Jacob,

I will not be considering this product thanks to your review and the others for Gamenamics. Thanks for showing me the light!!!!

I too considered this product until I realized he’s faking the reviews. Smooth move…

It is good to see that consumers are taking on those who post fake reviews. But will it be enough?

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