The days of going to a Web site and checking to see if new content has been posted are long gone. Just think about how much time we all wasted by constantly refreshing pages only to find that there wasn’t anything new to see. Yes, RSS has spoiled us. This content delivery method saves me a substantial amount of time each day, and I’m sure you can also personally verify my experiences. We all read our feeds in our own way, but Notifixious enables us to be notified of new content in different ways.

I usually just keep up with my feeds in my feed reader, however, Notifixious has opened my eyes to alternative methods of notification. For example, how would you like to be sent alerts through e-mail, IM, or text messages? That’s exactly what the service has to offer. All you have to do is specify the site’s that you want to subscribe to, setup the notification details, and wait for the content to come your way. It’s a tough life, eh?