Malware and spyware can infect your computer without your knowledge. Even if you are very cautious, a whole load of problems can happen with a simple mis-click or the wrong push of a button. Heck, your system can even become infected without your having to actually do anything. Some malicious sites have what are called “drive-by” malware installers. Their junk will install on your system without you having to do anything at all. Don’t worry, if you surf safe and stay away from unsavory sites, you shouldn’t have to worry about those. How do you surf safe? It’s simple, really:

This is where WinPatrol becomes critical to having a secure computer. Like a trusty watchdog, WinPatrol gives out a warning when there are any changes attempted on your machine. The icon for WinPatrol is (appropriately enough) a little “scotty” dog. This program runs in the background, and takes up little of your computer resources. You will notice WinPatrol when it spots a potential problem. You will be warned.

WinPatrol is on many “must have” lists. A recent example is Steve Erbach. This is a program that has an excellent history – and countless recommendations over the years. WinPatrol has been available for over ten years, thanks to the work of Bill Pytlovany. The improvement functions packed into this program will surprise you. Here is a list from Bill, with the included functions of WinPatrol.

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