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In this Video I demoed the new version of Apple’s iWeb program, which is a great and easy way to create a website. They have not really added any new features, but they have improved old ones.

The first thing that I would like to note is that there are now considerably more themes. There is bound to be a theme in there that you will like. Keep in mind that all of theses themes are really nice looking. Apple has done a great job with looks.
Next Apple has improved the way that you add objects to your site. They have added a really easy to use bar on the right that ties into iLife to let you access the rest of your media.

Also included in the Media side bar is widget functionality. Apple had added a few of their won that would be useful for a everyday site. If you like to be a little more custom though then just add a custom HTML widget that will allow you to add in what ever you like.

Lastly, there is now a better way to upload your websites. Rather than uploading the whole site agin iWeb ’09 looks for the files that have been changed and only uploads the files that have been changed, which makes for faster uploads. Also you can upload you site to your custom domain by simply using the FTP uploader.

So there is not much new in iWeb ’09 and it is defiantly not a very motivating upgrade, however some of the other items may convince you to upgrade. As far as I am concerned iWeb ’09 is simply icing on the cake. Please Comment