Back in December I posted about something called Club Nintendo; click here to read what I wrote. Now I’m going to talk about one of the rewards I got from the club and that’s the game called Game & Watch Collection.

Nintendo started its video game company with games for the arcades like Donkey Kong and also small portable games called Game & Watch. Now this game includes three classic Game & Watch games: Oil Panic, Donkey Kong (a Game & Watch version of the classic game), and Green House. Now these are actual ports of the original games and have the classic graphics from the Game & Watch devices and also the games are very simple to play. The game also includes an alarm clock which, if you use, adds an extra character when you are playing when the alarm goes off. Although there isn’t any noise, you will see him with a bell telling you that it’s the alarm but they should have added a noise so you can tell ’cause sometimes you can miss it if you aren’t looking out for it.

This includes three Game & Watch games that are easy once you get the hang of them; there are also two modes in each game for difficulty and it’s a nice game but very short and plain that’s probably why it’s not a full released game and just a gift for Club Nintendo members and that’s the only way to get this game — that or eBay. Very nice game reminds me of time I actually got to play one of the Game & Watch devices back in the day.