As many of you who read me know, I am a firm believer in the idea that ‘one picture is worth a thousand words’ is only the half off it. Sometimes, no matter how many words you were allowed, the simple picture would do a better job of conveying your message. Also, there are times when the writer wants to evoke a personal reaction in the reader, which will be unique to each one who comes upon the column. A picture does this.

For the first months I was writing on this space, I used a program to locate images based on keywords called Netvue. It was a wonderful program, but a while back – I don’t remember exactly when, the site that was the focal point for the searches went dormant. I say dormant because it still exists, the software is still downloadable, but the searches no longer bring any results.

Just the other day I came upon a program called Ginipic, which is another of this type of program, which is a real boon, because it searches several places at once, coming up with literally multitudes of pictures. (I had held off purchasing a similar solution, not only because I did not really like the interfaces, but because I’m always looking for the best before I buy – this time I did not have to purchase a thing!)

For example, I put in Hubert Humphrey. Now many of you might not know, but Hubert H. Humphrey was the Vice-President when Lyndon Baines Johnson was the President.  Not only is he someone who has not been on the planet for awhile, he is semi-obscure from the standpoint of the Internet Age.

Not only did Ginipic come up with plenty of photos of Hubert Humphrey (over 73,000!), it did it in a very short time. After several other attempts at locating what I might want (Rhona Mitra, oh yes!) I am convinced that this will be my go-to application for pictures in the near future.


Some examples:

HHH, once VP, and also ran against Tricky Dick in ’68



See I told you about these gentlemen.

and just to make sure…

image image oh, yes, nothing quite like her.

Oddly, Rhona Mitra only had 62,000 available pictures – how can that be? Certainly she is more popular with the Internet Set than Hubert Humphrey.

The program is easily setup, though it requires the download of Net Frame 3.5 SP1, so it might take some time on a slower connection. The interface is absolutely intuitive, and can be used by a five year old with no preparation. All in all, a very nice piece of work.

Highly recommended!

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