I’m no hiring expert. I have only hired about five people directly and participated in a few more, but I have some general thoughts about trying to get hired:

  • do NOT send your resume in bizarre, bleeding edge, or ancient formats.  Would you like the person doing the hiring to be able to read your resume?  Don’t send it in .docx (not everybody can tolerate Office 2007), Word Perfect, Mac, or Works: almost nobody can open them.
  • DO try grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.  Nothing says idiot like someone who can’t speak or operate a spell checker.  Apostrophe S does not make every word plural.  One doesn’t borrow people money.  The dog does not need bathed.  Nobody axes questions.  There is no such thing as a Q-pon.
  • dressing as the opposite sex is probably not going to help your case…
  • do NOT send a virus with your resume, especially if you’re applying for an MIS position.
  • do NOT have your friends or relatives who know the hiring person talk to them more than once, unless invited to do so.
  • avoid telling the hiring person that they look fat.

I am reasonably positive that following these tips can do nothing but assist you in your bid for that perfect job.  Knowing your job always helps.

Get out there and best of luck!