Microsoft Sued Over Vista-To-XP Downgrade Fees

Doesn’t everybody charge more for a better product?

Rx for Pricey Drugs: Assistance Programs and Bargain Prices

If your meds are out of this world, there may be some help available…

Let’s get it on–the condom, that is

Never mind V-Day… it’s National Condom Month!

Even More Change

Obama Invokes State Secrets in Spy Case

Windows Is Proof That People Are Too Stupid To Use Computers

I don’t care what the articles says…. I just love the title.

Special Forces’ Gigapixel Flying Spy Sees All

What’s watching you?  A 1.8 gigapixel spycam…

Properly Erase Your Physical Media

40% of the drives on Ebay contain easily recoverable information…

Protect Your Privacy When Using Google Latitude

This service is downright creepy.  If you insist on using it, follow the link.

Three Men Arrested In Heartland Data Breach For Using Fake Visa Gift Cards

Maybe some justice will be done…

What The Stimulus Bill Has For Everyday Americans

What does it mean to US (besides paying for it)?  From the New York Times.

Palm joins Adobe’s Open Screen Project, Pre to support Flash

Oh boy – the only important thing about the entire web: Flash!

US military laptops, other gear filtering out to black market

Blackwater making a few extra bucks?