Today in Barcelona, Spain, the computer/technology giant Microsoft announced the latest version of Windows Mobile. Version 6.5 is what Microsoft will be packaging with Windows Mobile compatible devices in the near future. With this new announcement there is already much speculation of this mobile operating system being a rip off of Apple’s Iphone.

According to reports, Windows Mobile 6.5 has “an improved touch-screen interface,” along with with Iphone like icons covering up the pentagon shaped cells. An extremely anticipated application that will be equipped with the new Windows Mobile will be Windows Marketplace. Marketplace is similar to the Itunes App Store which can be easily accessed via your Iphone.

Another applications that this OS is expected to be equipped with is My Phone, which is a similar synchronizing service in comparison with MobileMe. MobileMe is an Apple product designed to give it’s users the ability to sync their Iphone, Windows Computer, and Apple Computer all at once with contacts, schedules, and more.

If your wanting to get the new Windows Mobile OS now your going to have to wait a little longer. Windows Mobile will make it’s appearance late 2009. All of this comes when Windows Mobile suffered a huge blow along with many other companies when Apple first released the Iphone. Many companies are still trying to create the ultimate Iphone Killer. None have been succesful so far.