While attempting to play “King of Fighters ’94” on the Wii Virtual Console recently, I learned that the title (if not all Neo Geo games) does not work in 480p. This baffles me, as 24 year-old 8-bit NES games have no issues running in 480p.

After searching around, I’ve learned of a workaround that involves a combination of button presses. If you’re stuck in a game that doesn’t work in 480p, press the home button on your Wii’mote and go into the “Operations Guide”. When in the guide, use your Wii’mote (with a nunchuck plugged in) and press “A”, “2” and “Z” buttons simultaneously. If done correctly, you will hear a sound indicating that the game has been forced in 480i mode. Next time you boot into the game, the Wii will remember that the game is to be rendered in 480i.

Sure, this issue has been around since the launch of the Wii in 2006, and will only affect users who use component cables. But the issue doesn’t seem well documented, and many gamers will probably be left scratching their heads wondering what’s going on when they make the switch from 480i to 480p.

Hopefully an official patch will be offered shortly, but in the meantime, I guess this workaround will do.

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