I haven’t always been very good about backing up my files. To be quite honest, I’m still not. Like many of you, I’ve lost files in the past without having any backups, and when that happens, you promise yourself that it’ll never happen again. However, a false sense of security seems to have a way of creeping back in, and before you know it, you’re back to where you started by losing even more files. Even if you have backups in your house, what would you do if a fire destroyed all of them? It’s recommended that in addition to backing files up locally, it’s also a good idea to have off-site backups. Backblaze makes off-site backups a piece of cake.

The key to the process is a downloadable application that finds all of your important files and backs them up online to a secure data center for you. Your files are even encrypted to ensure their protection. Storage is unlimited and you won’t have to think about a thing. If you ever need to restore your files you can either download them or have a DVD or USB drive sent your way. All of this is offered to you for only $5US per computer per month. Thanks to services like Backblaze, we just don’t have an excuse to lose files anymore.