Chris Pirillo is offering a software program that efficiently monitors attempted installation of malware and spyware onto the computer. The program, WinPatrol, offers constant surveillance of computer system and alerts when there are any changes. Some of these changes may be legitimate and the computer owner may want to allow the changes. That is easily done. However, an alert may be a warning of a stealth installation of malware that could slow the computer, compromise the confidential data and just cause general havoc.

WinPatrol has been an established program for years and has received numerous accolades. For example, PC WOrld has rated this program one of the ‘Best Products of 2007’. The program still is relevant today. WinPatrol supports operating systems from Windows 95 through Windows Vista. This includes Windows 64.

There are numerous other features that WinPatrol offers. Chris touches upon some of them, in the discounted offer to his reader. Just one example is that WinPatrol lists the startup programs and a means to initiate a ‘delayed start’ of programs that the computer user selects. This means that the computer starts in a quicker, more efficient manner.

WinPatrol is packed with useful features. With the ten dollar discount that Chris has managed for his readers, this is an exceptional bargain. This WinPatrol offer has been available for a few days now and ends today – February 17th. As Kim Komando has said in a review WinPatrol, “It’s great“. I agree; it’s a terrific program.

Catherine Forsythe

link: Chris’ WinPatrol Offer