I am still evaluating Windows 7 beta and continue to compare it to Windows Vista. I wish  I could compliment Microsoft for the new and improved Windows operating system, but I personally don’t find the newer OS that much different than Vista. I know, there are differences, but nothing major is being offered. Microsoft still insists that Windows 7 is not just an upgrade of Windows Vista, but I am hard pressed to agree with their assessment.

It goes back to the same old thing that most of us have been saying for years. Just because you move things around doesn’t mean that it is an improvement. Though Windows 7 appears to be quicker than Vista, I seriously doubt that this alone will make the masses flock to the new OS.  A new an improved taskbar is by no means innovative. Toning down the UAC annoying pop up windows is also nothing to go ‘WOW’ about.

So the question many are asking is whether Microsoft has lost their innovation? I don’t believe this is the case. What has changed is you and me. The WOW is gone. For those of us who have used computers for a few decades maybe it is us who have lost our WOW. I don’t know about you but I don’t get to excited when I flip a wall switch and the lights come one, or when the toaster pops up a new batch of toast, or when I turn on the TV to see magic images appearing.

So as long as my computer starts, I am able to surf and send emails, write a few articles for my blog, or just play a game, the magic has subsided. Whether it be XP, Vista or 7 really no longer matters. What matters is what you are happy using.

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