The latest pick to head a government office by President Obama is Christine A. Varney. If she is confirmed by the Senate, Ms. Varney will be the chief in charge of the antitrust division of the Justice Department. Before her selection by the President, Ms. Varney had mentioned that she though that Google and their dominance of Internet advertising, could pose a problem and be monopolistic.

Her opinion is that Microsoft is old school and that Google could be the next threat. If her assessment is correct there could be investigations into the business practices that Google employs. But is it fair to compare Microsoft and Google?

In a Bloomberg article it states that:

While the remarks were made months before Obama picked her to head the Justice Department’s antitrust division, the comments signal her approach to the job if confirmed by the Senate. The Microsoft case, brought in 1998 by the Clinton administration, could have led to the breakup of the software giant and was a landmark in antitrust law.

In her remarks at the American Antitrust Institute, Varney advocated aggressive enforcement of antitrust laws to curb the conduct of individual companies that dominate an industry. She didn’t return a reporter’s telephone call seeking comment today.

What do you think? Is Google a threat? Should the search giant be curbed or did they just invent a better mouse trap?

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