This is the iMovie ’09 demo. iMovie ’09 is included in the iLife 2009 suit which is available at Apple’s Website. The new version if iMovie has a lot of new features to offer and is a real improvement over iMovie ’08. The thing was with iMovie ’08 that they had removed so many basic features that most movie makers will use. They have fixed this problem in iMovie ’09. That means if it was the features that were holding you back from upgrading then you should get this. However if you are still using iMovie HD (’06) because you like the timeline view than you are out of luck. (They have removed the iMovie HD download from the site by the way.) I think if you gave the new interface a chance then you would like it once you got used to it. If you are still longing for the timeline view then stay with iMovie HD, gripe some more to the big “A” or get something else. OS now lets get to the new features,as there are quite a few.

They have added a new advanced editing mode in iMovie ’09 that turns on more advanced features that novice people would not know about. Included in this “advanced” feature they have given us an advanced editor. It really is hard to get used to at first, but as usual you find that it is really intuitive once you get to know your way around. You just have to play with it a little bit.

The next thing that Apple has added are the per-built themes. These make it really easy to edit a video. All you have to do is select a theme and iMovie will automatically mach up sound, transitions, titles, and more. This is a quick and easy way to impress people with a few simple steps.

One really neat thing that is now available to us is the travel maps. If you have ever seen Indiana Jones, then you know what I am talking about. Remember that plane on the globe that shows up whenever he goes to a place? This is what travel maps is.

There is also now a video stabilization tool that will transform your video from making people sick to stunning your family members with the technology available at your hands with you Mac.

As usual there are also some other things that are like the icing on the cake. Apple has added a ton more titles and transitions along with a new full screen mode.

Overall I am impressed with iMovie ’09. What do you think? Is ti enough to get you to upgrade? Let me know.