Are you listening to your customers, users, or visitors? If you’re not, then your offering may not be around for very long. For many years, the standard in business has been to talk to your customers as a whole without actually listening to them collectively or as individuals. This just doesn’t fly anymore. Social media has made it much easier for businesses to actually communicate with their customers, but not everyone has accepted this new reality. With a little work in this area, customers can be kept happy and products can be greatly improved due to the feedback that is received from users. CrowdSound is a great first step for companies interested in finding out what their customers have to say.

No matter who you are, as long as you’re building something for people, CrowdSound will prove to be useful for you. By using their widget, your community can make suggestions and vote them up or down together. Their comments shed even more light on the suggestions, and you can even specify the status of them to show that you really are listening. The service becomes more useful with a paid account, but the free version will get you started.