Gnomie Kinkajou writes:

Hey, Chris!

I watched a couple of your old videos and one kinda struck a chord with me: Windows Freeware from February 25, 2008.

You mentioned that, if Meebo had a desktop widget, you would be thrilled to death (I know it’s not your exact wording). Well, just recently it started beta testing a program (I think it’s Windows only at the time) called Meebo Notifier. It allows you to log in upon launching and it’ll just sit there and basically be like any other IM client. If you get a message, you can have it set to pull up tooltips that let you know about your messages and it’ll sit there letting you know how many messages you haven’t read. It’ll also launch your default browser (or launch a new tab if you have it open already) and take you directly to your buddy list.

I’ve found it nice to use this little application. I figured if you didn’t know about the Meebo Notifier app, then you might want to look into it as it seems like the next logical step for it actually releasing an actual client that doesn’t run in a Web browser.

I would love the day when it has a stand-alone client; it just feels so… nice.