There should be an image here!Computer networks aren’t just for offices and geeks. These days, with entertainment and business moving online, a herd of computers can be found in even the least tech-savvy household or office, networked to share music and movies, play multiplayer games, and connect users to printers, scanners, and the outside world.

Network Know-How: An Essential Guide For The Accidental Admin is every computer user’s guide to designing, mapping, and maintaining a trouble-free network. Author and veteran networking consultant John Ross takes readers through the nuts and bolts of networks, explaining how to run cables, set up Wi-Fi access points, configure file sharing and printing, and implement security.

“If more than one person lives in your home, chances are you have more than one computer,” said No Starch Press founder William Pollock. “Even people who never dreamed of managing a network have to connect any number of computers, home entertainment gear, game consoles, and printers. Since we’re all using and managing networks, we shouldn’t just be flying by the seat of our pants. Network Know-How gives readers a plan to follow and build from so their networks are efficient, reliable, and organized.”

Those new to networks as well as those who have accidentally fallen into network administration will find Network Know-How an invaluable resource. Readers learn how to:

  • Configure network adapters, hubs, switches, and routersĀ 
  • Connect computers running any operating system, whether Mac OS X, Linux, or Windows
  • Assign IP addresses automatically
  • Share music, photos, documents, and printers
  • Automate household appliances and distribute digital audio and video to a home entertainment center
  • Troubleshoot network slowdowns and failed connections

Network Know-How covers both wired and wireless networks and even includes advanced topics like DHCP, creating simple intranets, and stringing Ethernet cables. No matter which operating system readers use — and even if they haven’t even installed or run a network before — they’ll get everything they need to know in Network Know-How.