Whenever I’m using my Web browser, you can count on the fact that I will probably have multiple tabs open at any given time. I like to be able to see several things at once, and browser tabs give me quick access to whatever I want. Keeping track of this content on your own computer is one thing, but it’s not always very easy to share it all with someone else. They’ll end up with a barrage of links that may not mean anything to them out of context. ShareTabs gives us the ability to share multiple links as tabs in a single URL.

The implementation of this is really great. When the ShareTabs URL is viewed, you can see screenshots of all of the links that are included. The page has its own tabbed interface that may be used to check out the links, plus you can open all of them as tabs in your browser. Finally, in addition to being able to customize the ShareTabs URL, you’ll also be able to find out how many times it’s been viewed. More of us should start sharing groups of links in this way.