For the past week or so I have received several comments from a reader named Mario in which he has described his problems with Vista won’t starting. Here are the conversations:

Dear Ron Schenone
I need advice. I got problem when Vista is loading at the start. It get freeze there. When I’m going to shut down or restart it, I can boot only in Last Known Good Configuration, but not always.
Actually my Vista is clean new copy week ago installed, and I haven’t got any viruses or something. My drivers are up to date. I haven’t much programes. Also my hardware is new, and I am using oem motherboard. Could be some hardware error, my ram memory is ok because I tested it. My software is new so what should I do? Please I need help, I tried with ps2 tastature I found out something here, but still it freezes :(((

To Which I responded:

Hello Mario,
There are numerous reasons why Vista or any version of Windows won’t start properly.

If you have two sticks of RAM, remove one stick and reboot. Do the same with the other stick. Remove it and reboot. Is there any difference or does the system still hang?

Try using CCleaner to clean out any gunk hiding on the system.

Do a disk defrag.

Let us know what happens.

Mr Ron Schenone,

I tried everything… Actually first I defrag my disks and I used CCLeaner but nothing happens. Vista can’t start…
Even I formated and installed it on another partition but same problem I can’t start :(((((
Today I remove one of my ram memory stick, also second one but still system hang :((((((
I have drivers only for my wireless stick and graphic card.
Please help me, I dont know what to do anymore…
My configuration is,
Motherboard: Intel Foxconn P965 965X7AA
CPU: Intel Core2Duo E6600 2.4 GhZ
2GB Ram memory
Graphic Card: GeForce 9800 GT 1GB.
I got two hdd one is 300GB the other one 500GB
Could be some hdd error?Thank You Mr.

So what do you think? Mobo problem?

Share your thoughts.