Over at GM-Volt.com writer Dr. Lyle Dennis who is an advocate of electric cars. The good doctor started GM-Volt.com to track the preparations of bringing the GM electric car to market as well as other electric vehicles in production. He was pleasantly surprised when Tesla motors contacted him and offered him a Tesla to drive for a day. In his review he covers some of the aspects of the electric vehicle and what he liked and disliked about the vehicle.

He states that:

Once I got out of the parking garage and onto a wide open street, my moment had finally arrived.

With the gusto of ten decades of oil burning cars behind me I slammed that accelerator down.
One word describes the result…unworldly.

The little race car literally exploded though space with a mid-tone throaty electrical whine that sounded more like a spaceship than any car I’d ever heard.

The profound acceleration pinned me back into the seat and made me want to yell like you would on a rollercoaster. Surely I had the Tesla grin.

Letting off the accelerator was unique as well. You see you could feel the intense regenerative drag which caused the vehicle to quickly slow, and would continue to the point of stopping even without hitting the brakes. Braking itself was effective and not overly intense.

What is exciting about the Telsa is that battery capability in the roadster offers a range of over 240 miles per full charge. What wasn’t explained was how much juice the car required to fully charge the battery and the price per charge.

I do realize that the price of the Tesla roadster at $109,000 is more expensive than most of us can afford, but one day these prices will drop.

But the review is a good read.

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