When we visit Web sites, we sometimes take them for granted. We appreciate the content that’s being delivered to us, but what about the technology that’s running in the background? This information may not matter to many of us, but if you’re interested in building your own Web site or blog, you can learn a lot by finding out which technologies are being used by some of your favorite sites. Sitonomy enables you to quickly discover what the anatomy of a particular Web site really is.

Just type in a URL and see what you can learn from Sitonomy’s analysis. Various components are broken down for you including advertising networks, blogging platforms, and programming languages. You’ll find component usage percentages from the analyzed sites so you can see how popular a certain technology is, but if it’s not quite what you’re looking for, you’re even linked to alternatives. This data can be illuminating and set you on the right path for your own site. Of course, knowing this information is one thing, but getting it to work for you is the important part.