Gnomie Tsui writes:

Hey, did you ever hear of the service ChaCha? You should review it someday. It’s a service where you can ask it ANY question and the guides (or the system) will do its best to answer it! You can either:

  • Text the question to 242-242
  • Call 1-800-2CHACHA (1-800-224-2242)
  • Submit it online at

I want you to check it out because it’s actually a pretty amazing Web site! On one of the questions, it asked “How many guides are there in ChaCha?” and the guide responded with “30,000 guides, where at least half are online right now!”

Hey, once, I did “Who is Chris Pirillo?” and it actually gave good details about you! (The fact that you own Lockergnome, you’re a tech enthusiast, blogger, etc.) It’s pretty amazing! Oh, and hah, when I asked for coupons, they sent me to! You should try it! I found this because my friend from school referred me to it. Tell me what you think!

Oh, and I know what you’re thinking with advertising. Actually, it’s cool; there are probably one or two ads, but they’re either in the confirmation text message or in the end of the message if there is space. For the calls, they say that it’s exclusively sponsored by AT&T! Last of all, it is 100% free with no strings attached! The only thing you may need to pay for is the texting, and standard charges would apply (unless you have an unlimited text plan).

P.S.: Honest-to-death, I don’t use it to text during class to cheat and find answers, believe me!