The last couple of releases of Firefox for both Mac and Linux, have been less than impressive from a resource standpoint while doing pretty well on the Windows front overall. And this is awesome for my friends and family who use Windows, but generally leaves those of us on other platforms feeling like we have been given the shaft somewhere along the line.

Now on the Apple side of things, we see yet another attack onto Firefox’s market share with Safari 4. Yes, there is nothing new about Safari per se. But the fact that there has been such a push into seeing significant speed improvements has demonstrated a number of people switching almost immediately it seems. Firefox was already feeling some heat from Google on the Windows front from Chrome and now its old nemesis Safari is back and ready to rumble.

How will Safari 4 stack up against IE8 and Chrome? Should be interesting as the browser begins to roll out of beta, I’ll bet. But one thing I will go on record as saying right now is this: I care less about how fast the browser loads JavaScript and more about how it handles the possible security exploits that might be POWERED by such stuff as JavaScript. To me, having a browser that potentially loads problem code faster is not really what I would be after. But that is just my own perspective; maybe you each see this differently?