Gnomie zxpwn writes:

Hi Chris!

I’ve just finished watching some of your latest videos from my Xbox 360.

I thought you would like to know how. The program is TVersity — it’s a very good app and I love it!

Basically, you install TVersity and at the end of the installation, it’ll ask you if you want to download/subscribe to a YouTube member’s videos. I input “lockergnome” and booted up my 360. I located Video Library and saw TVersity on “My computer name” I opened it up and at the bottom was a folder containing all your videos from the past month (I think).

Not only does it allow YouTube video transcoding, but also OLDER DivX and almost ANY other codec that does not usually work correctly on the 360. For example, DivX works on the 360 but only files encoded with the latest versions of DivX. I can add older DivX encoded files to the library on TVersity and it will run it straight from my PC to the 360.

Take care!