The Internet has made it easy to find all sorts of companies online. Most businesses have a Web site these days, which makes it easier to discover them. Tracking down businesses all over the world may be one thing, but sometimes it can be difficult to find service providers in your own area, which is rather ironic. In turn, businesses may be having a hard time finding local clients. Workstir serves as the middleman by connecting the two parties together.

You’re probably thinking that craigslist already does this, and while similarities are present and craigslist has a huge community, Workstir does offer some advantages. For instance, the service providers have profiles that include comments and ratings from clients so that you can be sure that the individual or business is qualified to do the job. When you post a need, you just have to wait to receive offers from local providers. As a provider, new work requests will be delivered to you through e-mail so that you can stay on top of what you might be interested in.