From the perspective of available applications and abilities, the iPhone is impressive to be sure. But as it turns out, rumor has it that collectively speaking, the Japanese are less than impressed with the famed Apple Mobile phone. So unimpressed in fact, that vendors must give the phone away just to get Japanese customers to use it!

What is going on here? Isn’t the iPhone the supposed to be the most amazing thing ever conceived on on the mobile front? As Windows Mobile, BlackBerry amongst others catch up, I would say that even here in the boring old US, this will change. As for Japan, they have been light years ahead of anything seen on the iPhone for years now. In other words, their phones apparently have more options and levels of functionality before the iPhone even came out. What I found most compelling about this discovery is the fact that the iPhone relies heavily on a PC/Mac to sync with in order to get music additions and software updates. These not my words, this is the perspective of the Japanese.

And to be honest, I can relate. I rely on my BlackBerry primarily for email, appointments, etc. I have no interest in waiting to come home to receive updates. But then again, I am not updating my music or software either. So perhaps that is a poor example, despite my identifying with the desire not to be tethered to a PC.

Oddly enough, I was always under the impression that one could buy music from their iPhone like they might purchase an application from the app store? Seems obvious to me, a non-iPhone user. Not being able to do this would actually be pretty limiting and lame. But then again, I am not really interested in draining my phone’s battery listening to music. Perhaps this makes me old fashioned.