Most newer vehicles now come with key less remotes that at a click of a button open up your vehicle. So I found it interesting over the weekend when someone asked whether another remote could open their car? You see, once you have been labeled as a geek, you are supposed to be an expert in everything electronic. Over the years I have fixed items since as paper shredders, radio’s, electronic watches and other items that have been shoved in front of me.

So when I was confronted with a question concerning remote key less entry into a car, I must admit I didn’t know the answer. Sure, I suspected that the code must be encrypted and that the signal had to change at each use, but that was just a guess on my part. So I did some investigating and here is what I found.

The key code for your remote keyfob is stored in the vehicle itself. Each time the keyfob is pressed and different code is provided which prevents other remotes from opening your vehicle. As I suspected this information is encrypted. So in a nutshell, it would be highly unlikely for another remote to open your car.

But here is something else I also learned. Those commercials where the driver just pushed a start button with no key, also is interesting. This system works by using a smart card which the driver keeps on their person or in a purse. With the proper smart card the car starts when the button is pushed.

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