Defense Secretary Robert Gates is the only hold over from the George W. Bush administration, now serving President Obama. So on the TV program Meet The Press, was anyone really surprised when Gates said that Obama was more ‘analytical’ than Bush? He also stated that Obama actually listens to everyone in the room. WOW! How shocking!

Tell us something that the majority of America didn’t know already. Tell us the real reason that Obama beat the pants off of McCain in the election. Could it be that America saw McCain as nothing more than a Bush pawn? A patsy who would carry out the same old failed policies that Bush followed? A know it all that wouldn’t even listen to his own people and chose Palin as a running mate?

The new voice for the Republican party is Rush Limbaugh. Great choice! This man wants Obama and his policies to fail. Hello. If Obama fails, our country fails.

Robert Gates should be saluted for his honesty and candor.

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