Likely me just feeling cranky since I do use Gmail, be it not for anything business related. And while these events described here as being unrelated, it does little to those who might have been affected. Yes, it is true that phishing schemes happen all the time. And yes, Gmail has been hit with more outages than normal. But at the end of the day, both of these together do sort of put a damper on the idea of trusting your critical documents with Google services that just happen to use the SAME login information as your Gmail account. Surely everyone can see the problem here?

Should you really consider trusting you business to all of this Web 2.0 crap? I am becoming more skeptical by the day. Something about entrusting anything related to a easily viewable email addresses as part of a login seems inherently unsecured to me.

For my money, I would never trust anything with personal information on it unless I was sure it was not stored on any server connected to something as public as my email address and a single line password. Think I am being overly cautious? Fine, provide me with a set of guidelines that shows that I am nuts then.