How the smell of rotten eggs may boost some men’s sex lives

and will it matter by that point??

Experts uncover cause of greyness

In hair, not in food…

TV linked to asthma risk doubling

My mom was wrong.  It’s not bad for your eyes!

Most Americans have health insurance, and what health reform is going to do for them

Bend over – here it comes!

How can a woman with two uteruses bear children from both?

Very carefully.

Malaysia considers criminalising suicide to stem increase

Look at how well it worked here!

10 Ways to Get Better Sleep (and Maybe Cure Your Insomnia)

Found: Oldest fossilized brain ever is uncovered in Kansas

I told you we’d find it, George…


AIG crash sends markets plunging

Make that surprise AIG crash…

GM Europe ‘could run out of cash’

“It worked in the States – let’s try it in Europe!”

Ex-Leaders at Countrywide Start Firm to Buy Bad Loans

And who knows bad loans better than Countrywide?

Fed Chief Says Insurance Giant Acted Irresponsibly

Guess which one?  Hint: Acted Irresponsibly Giant.

Who actually gets the AIG money?  It’s a secret.

Bernanke defends AIG rescue, says U.S. had no choice

We have no choice but to remove him. Treasonous traitors.

Fed Chairman: A.I.G. Was Essentially Running An Irresponsible Hedge Fund

Yes, the same Bernanke.


Last year alone, the DOD’s portfolio of weapons programs went $295 billion over original cost estimates.

And nobody is responsible.

Why Does Obama Want to Open Public Events With Prayers?

Because he needs to appear more pious than thou. It’s all a game.

Obama proposes automatic pensions with a government match

Pretty soon there won’t be any paper left on which to print fiat money.

The Republican Party Looks to Repair Its Image

The Republican Party deserves Rush Limbaugh.

The Lede: Post-9/11 Memos Are Released

US spy agency gains support for cyber security role

DHA or NSA.  Do we have to?

Find out how Yoo, Bush, and company wanted to stick it to us…

Iranian cybercriminal shares Marine One specs on Gnutella

Further info on a PA company that leaked the plans…

Pirate radio ‘puts lives at risk’ (UK)

Think about the children!

The Strange Encounters of John Vasquez: Fort Benning September 1977

Worth reading.

Diebold Election Audit Logs Defective

Guaranteed to make your head hurt.

Audiophiles Run And Hide: Growing Number Of Young People Prefer The Sound Of MP3s (groan)



Google boss backs subsidized Linuxbooks

Make Apt-Get Always Run as Root

The Ultimate Guide To Manage Your Audio/Video Files In Linux

Linux Format free to download for 24 hours only

Hands-on: fat-free Xfce 4.6 has nice new features

Opera 9.64 Released – recommended download for all Opera users

Web Content Filtering with OpenDNS

FlvToMp3 1.1.1 (KDE Sound Application)


Woman Calls 911 Three Times Because McDonald’s Is Out of McNuggets

Police beat her with her own cell phone….

Gas And Ingredients Are Cheap, So Why Are Grocery Prices Rising?

Excellent question.  Read on…

Read Popular Magazines for Free Using Firefox


PCB Artist 1.2.2 (Freeware)

Draw analog or digital circuits.

Argumentative 0.5.49 (GPL)

Argument mapping software.  (no it isn’t)

Process Lasso 3.48.5 (Freeware)

Get control of piggy processes.

Sysinternals Suite 1.0 Build 02.03.2009 (Freeware)

Excellent free utilities.

Video DownloadHelper 4.2

Firefox add-on

Update – Freeware – JaBack v8.19

Java-based backup utility

Update – Freeware – AdvancedRemoteInfo v0.7.0.1

Great for network use.