The company that has brought us the browser Flock is dumping Firefox in favor of Google Chrome. The company that makes Flock has about $30 million in venture capital to play with and has become frustrated with Mozilla for not meeting its needs. So the company is going with the open source browser from Google.

A posting at TechCrunch states that:

In the past Flock has said all it needs is a few tens of millions of users to score big dollars from the search engines (each active user generates $5 or so in search engine revenue). But after three years of trying, Flock hasn’t been able to achieve more than a fraction of that number of users.

As to why Flock is leaving Mozilla: sources say that they’ve become frustrated with Mozilla’s lack of attention to Flock’s needs. One source says Flock felt like the “red headed step child of the Mozilla development community.” Sources are also saying that Flock feels that Google Chrome is far easier to work with than Firefox.

One problem is that Chrome isn’t yet cross-platform and works only on Windows machines. But Google is actively working on Mac and Linux versions of Chrome and should release them in the next few months. Right about the time the next version of Flock is released.

So what do you think? Are you a Flocker?

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