Every Webmaster wants their URL to be memorable, and in many cases they are short enough so that they can be remembered. That’s fine, but when you try linking to something specific on a site, then the length of a URL has the potential of going out of control. URL shortening services are used to keep URLs simple enough in order that they may be shared in a variety of ways through multiple avenues. Taking a long URL and making it short is one thing, but Go2.me enables visitors to talk about the links, too.

You can either shorten links manually through the form on the site or use the bookmarklet, but whichever option you choose, you’re going to have one of the shortest URLs possible. When you create a Go2.me URL, a frame is included in the page that tells you how many times the page has been viewed and includes comments from people that have seen it. By enabling comments to be attached to the pages, the service is almost turning these URLs into social networks of sorts.