Hurry on down to your local Circuit City store before they close on March 8th, 2009. This is the latest in rumors from the Consumerist that may have seen an internal memo stating the closing date. It seems that the liquidation has gone smoothly and quicker than anticipated. So the new date may be in just 3 days.

I went to CC on Saturday where I live and the place was pretty bare. There was a smattering of DVD’s and some games but what stood out was that even the shelving was for sale. I was just window shopping so I didn’t stay long because I wasn’t in the market to buy.

You men know what I mean. When we walk into a store we have a specific purchase on our mind. Let’s say it is socks. We will walk by all of the sale items, immediately go to the sock aisle, pickup a pair and go immediately to the check out counter. We don’t browse, we just buy. LOL. I have always said that if the economy depended on men to buy stuff we would be in a real depression.

So if you want to get that last minute deal at CC, you better hurry on down.

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