Last night, Charlie Rose was speaking with Reid Hoffman, president of Linked In. The entire conversation was very interesting, but what I found most interesting was the turn the discussion took concerning the wireless devices that the two of them carried.

Both Hoffman and Rose confessed to carrying three separate devices with them.  Beyond the sheer number of pockets needed, and the rigorous charging schedules, I am amazed that anyone really thinks that the specialization is needed.

Hoffman stated that the ‘regular’ phone was how he corresponded by voice with most people, the Blackberry device he carries is used for e-mail, and that he carries an iPhone for internet browsing.

Allowing for the necessity of an iPhone for internet (which I have yet to ascertain, but I’ll accede to for the purposes of the conversation), I am still wondering why one of the Blackberry choices could not function as e-mail and standard phone. Or perhaps another combination was possible.

As much as I consider myself ‘wired-in’ I fail to see the need for 3 devices carried around all the time, necessitating a utility belt (Holy connectivity, Batman!) for the job.  Do they not know about extended life batteries?

How many devices do you carry? I’ve managed thus far with a phone that does some e-mail, but rarely is the e-mail feature used. However, I spend much time in front of a large screen monitor, or two, and see how multitasking works – I simply don’t do it as I stand or am walking.


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