On March 3, 2009 AVG Technologies came out with a new and improved AVG anti-virus/spyware software program. I downloaded the new version that evening and have been using it in place of version 8.5 free edition. Thus far I have found no problems with the software and it works just fine.

So what has changed between version 8.0 and 8.5? According to the AVG site:

NEW! Identity theft protection

AVG Identity Protection lets you shop and bank online, secure in the knowledge that your passwords, account information, credit card numbers, and other personal details are safe from identity thieves. It’s a valuable extra layer of defense that detects and blocks new and unknown threats before they can cause harm.

I did note this on the Free forum concerning version 7.5:

Support for AVG 7.5 Free will be provided until February 28, 2009

AVG Technologies has mentioned so many end dates for AVG 7.5 that it has become difficult to tell what is truth and what is fiction.

Source AVG