Lately it seems like most of the frustration over the Windows UAC has all but vanished. That then changed once I came across this recent article from Ars. Apparently, there is a call for the UAC to simply be removed from Windows all together, even in Windows 7.

Now, considering the fact that Windows to this day runs everyone as administrators, this seems really dangerous. While there are always going to be exploits that can overcome the UAC itself, at least it provides some thin level of protection at some level, right? Okay, maybe not. But I am trying not to be too hard on the idea of the UAC itself. After all, I guess it is better than nothing.

Speaking as someone who dealing with pseudo user prompts when trying to access administrator tasks on his Linux system, I do not mind being “bothered” from time to time, so long as I not dealing with the prompt for basic application use. If the UAC is going to be a problem for simply running applications on Windows however, I think I can understand the frustration.

It seems the biggest complaint stems from what some deem as a lack of consistent behavior. To be honest, I really fail to see the big deal? Then again, I would be more concerned about the UAC being spoofed or exploited, but that is just me.