I need to start listening to more music. I used to be on top of all the latest songs and bands, but now I’m trying to catch up with everyone else. Yes, modern music is passing me by and I don’t like it. Listening to the radio will give you a good idea of what’s popular, but usually the obscure stuff is the best. I’m going to make an effort to listen to more music, and an online tool called just hear it might be able to help me find new songs that I like.

The service indexes a large number of songs and enables you to listen to them for free. Just search for what you want and see what comes up. For each query, you’ll probably find a variety of content including studio versions of songs, live recordings, and even videos. The interface is pretty slick, but you never really know what you’re going to get when you click on something. At the time of this writing, membership on just hear it is offered by invitation only, but you won’t need to be a member to explore and listen to what’s available.