Now that Intel and Nvidia have been attacking each other, it now appears that Nvidia may, just may, enter into the x86 processor market. At a recent conference a senior executive from Nvidia indicated that in the next few years Nvidia would be producing a processor to challenge Intel and AMD.

In the article it also states that:

“I think some time down the road it makes sense to take the same level of integration that we’ve done with Tegra,” said Hara. “Tegra is by any definition a complete computer on a chip, and the requirements of that market are such that you have to be very low power, very small, but highly efficient. So in that particular state it made a lot of sense to take that approach, and someday it’s going to make sense to take the same approach in the x86 market as well.”

I have always believed that if it were not for AMD entering the processor market, we would be paying more for Intel processors. I personally hope that Nvidia does in fact get into the x86 market to provided added competition and to hopefully keep Intel honest.

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