I previously mentioned that on Monday I lost my column at a local newspaper in California. Though this came as no surprise considering the state of the economy and how newspapers are struggling to survive, it appears that the Hearst Corporation may close another newspaper in Seattle and wants to go online only with their news. In a news article at the seattlepi.com, one reported has stated the following:

Staffers chosen to participate in an online-only version of the Seattle P-I were notified of their selection Wednesday and Thursday. The selections indicate The Hearst Corp.’s plan for such a Web site is advancing.Two reporters said they received “provisional offers” from P-I New Media head Michelle Nicolosi or Hearst executive Ken Riddick. They said they were told they will be given formal offers if the Web site gets the go-ahead from Hearst’s senior management.

The reporters wouldn’t give details, saying they had been asked during their interviews not to comment. Nicolosi also declined to comment. Riddick, who has been at the P-I over the past two days, didn’t return a call seeking comment.

The statement continues with:

According to Castro, Riddick said Hearst plans to start the site the day after the paper quits publishing, which Hearst has said will occur on a date not yet specified if no buyer has emerged by March 10.

It has been previously reported that Hearst also has plans on closing the San Francisco newspaper The Chronicle, which has been posting severe loses. The Chronicle could also suffer the same fate as the Seattle newspaper and go online only for their publications.

Magazines are also switching to online only publications as well. In the February 2009 issue of VARBusiness, they have announced there last printed copy.

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