According to Chris Holmes, over at his Repository of Knowledge, he contends that IE8 can be removed from Windows 7 build 7048. Chris provides a screen shot below:

Which make me ask if it really matters? Maybe I am missing something but I haven’t used IE for about 4 years and have personally opted to use Firefox. Will removing IE8 from Windows 7 really make a difference in how people surf? In this day and age where more and more people have become computer savvy, can’t people just download and install any browser of their choice?

Let me know what you think.

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Just a side note:

Yesterday I was over at Microsoft’s Connect web site. This is where many of us get our beta testing software directly from Microsoft. One comment I read from another MVP asked why it was that the public is getting beta’s before those who supposedly have been chosen to test the software? No answer was immediately available.