I recently saw a video that was prepared by Microsoft’s business team to give their partners a look at what the next 10-15 years will hold for businesses and consumers. It struck me as odd that their vision of the future involves everyone giving up on their regular computers and switching over to using computers built into walls, built into glass wall separators, and in translucent pads that all seem to lack keyboards.

The future of computing seems enormously troublesome and uncomfortable.

In addition to these new and awkward computing interfaces, there seems to be advertising built into everything, as though we will want to walk around town with our translucent computing pads, see an advertisement, and then suddenly feel the need to know more about the product on display.

Microsoft’s vision for the future seems to depend on people being massive consumers, constantly on the lookout for new products that we may want to buy. The ads seem less like a plausible vision of the future and more like they let a group of advertising executives and visual effects people have a big budget and a camera to see what they could create without bothering to let reality get in their way.

A world full of wall sized computers and glass screens everywhere would be a complete disaster, can anyone imaging the mess you would have with massive touchscreen computers in every room in homes and businesses? Windex shares would shoot through the roof.