With the way the economy is, a large number of people are having to look for jobs right now. The problem is that there aren’t as many companies hiring as usual. We’ve almost become used to hearing of companies laying off tens of thousands of people, but when you stop to think about how many people that really is and how many people it affects, you realize how horrible it is. Even if you have a job right now, you may still be keeping your eyes open for other opportunities just in case. When looking for a job, the temptation can be to go to the job boards, but LinkUp offers a more direct service.

Job boards certainly have their purpose, but one of the best ways to find current and legitimate openings is to go the Web sites of the companies. That can be a very time-consuming process, however, LinkUp pulls results from over 17,000 sites into a search engine that helps you to find what you want and leads you directly to the companies that you’re interested in. This is the way searching for a job should be.