I previously wrote an article about how to turn on outbound firewall protection for Windows Vista firewall [here] and asked for comments.

Reader Bruce posted this comment:

I’ve been using the built in Vista firewall ever since I purchased my HP notebook but I let the free Vista Firewall Control from Sphinx-soft.com take care of all the configuration and monitoring. Works like a charm and takes the burden off the technically challenged old guys like myself. Actually, I was so impressed by the free model, I threw some money at Sphinx and upgraded to the “Pro” version.

I took a trip over the the site and downloaded the freebie version of Vista Firewall Control and gave it a try. It is a total no-brainer. Basically what Vista Firewall Control does is to simplify activating the inbound and outbound protections for all of your programs that require an Internet protection.

If you would like to activate the outbound protections built into Vista firewall, give this software a try. It is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download link