If you’ve been following along (and even if you haven’t), I’ve been detailing my experiences with enterprise antivirus at work.

Briefly, we are ridding ourselves of Symantec, which is a process that seems to involved uninstallers, web pages, registry editing, and a team of exorcists flown in from Bolivia just for this purpose.  Kaspersky is going on desktops and Trend on servers.  All are managed by a central console for that brand.

I finally got Trend all set up on the servers as of last night (at 2am – don’t ask).  I can’t make the console work because when I hit setup, I get a box with a red X, no text at all, and an OK button.  Ok, I’m impressed.  Fortunately Office Scan for Server installed a web console so I can deploy and manage it that way.

I found out way too late that the de-install script for Kaspersky removed the antivirus but not the `agent’, whatever that is.  So after I installed Trend on the servers, I have to go around and clean up the remnants of Kaspersky (I don’t think it’s harmful but still…).

That aside, one of the last bits left is my lone XP box.  I ran AVG when Symantec got too fat.  When AVG got too fat, I installed ClamAV.  Clam lasted a very short time; until I discovered that it’s a manual scan only program – it doesn’t scan on-access.  I finally found AntiVir, which was small, unobtrusive, and didn’t really piss me off (a feat that is becoming easier and easier these days).

I was interested in trying Kaspersky, as the rest of the desktops were there anyway.  One coworker was starting to become agitated with Kaspersky because it kept `helping’ him by doing things like deleting files and blocking executables without informing him.  Once that got sorted out, I gave the go ahead to install it on my XP box.

The reason I waited also had to do with the way I have things set up… I’m very conscious of security so there’s a chatty firewall (Comodo) and an antivirus.  Right off the bat, Kaspersky won’t install to anything with a firewall, so I knew I’d have to disable it.

After disabling, Kaspersky gave me the finger by still refusing to install.  It gave some ridiculously vague error message.  In fact, nothing I did seemed to allow Kaspersky to install.  It was suggested to install locally, as opposed to pushing the install to my pc, which I did.  I turned the firewall back on because they would have to get along anyway, so they might as well start now.  Of course the firewall lit up like an xmas tree.

I didn’t have to troubleshoot too long, as Kaspersky popped up a box telling me it would not install with Comodo on the pc.   Simply stunning.

I restarted the install, choosing the antivirus only option, and got the same refusal to install for the same reason.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting really tired of software `helping’ me and making ridiculous demands before I install it.  I don’t care if the enterprise is using Kaspersky, I’m not doing this.

I went back to Trend and pushed it out to my XP box instead.  It too lit up the firewall but installed just fine.

I wasn’t watching very carefully, but I swear I saw a dialog box flash past me that said Spybot Search and Destroy was uninstalling.  I sure as hell didn’t uninstall it, so there will probably be another Completely Incensed Blog<tm> tomorrow when I investigate it.

Thank your chosen deity(s) I use linux on the important machines.