I just finished reading an article from John Dvorak who appears to be a Linux convert, after trying Ubuntu. He states that he was surprised how well the OS operates and cites his dislike of Windows because of malware and other problems associated with the OS. He makes some valid claims in his assessment of Windows which he describes as being:

I’m in the process of putting together a new Atom-based mini-ITX machine (with an Intel D945GCLF2 motherboard) for use as a Web browser in the kitchen. This OS would be ideal if for no other reason than the fact that I won’t have to worry about anyone in the family fooling around online and getting the little machine clogged with viruses and Trojan horses.

I seriously appreciate the fact that Linux is mostly immune from malware, in much the same way as the Macintosh. I had a small machine in the kitchen running Windows, and every time I ran a scan on the thing I kept discovering too many problems. I know that if Linux becomes too popular, the malware will come. But for now it’s rare—a good thing as far as I am concerned.

I’m tired of dealing with Windows malware, patch Tuesday, and the never-ending deterioration of the OS as it clogs up like a drain in a greasy-spoon restaurant. I can’t take it anymore.

And there’s something else that always bugs me about Windows. I have an iMac that I use at the office, and a few times every month Apple has some patch that it sends out. With few exceptions, each time a patch is installed with the Mac OS, the performance of the machine improves. With Windows, the performance always declines.

I don’t think Microsoft has ever sent out a patch that improved the performance of the machine. Ever.

I have been so busy building a new gaming box, playing with Vista and SP2 and booting Windows 7, that I had completely forgot about Ubuntu. Actually I like Kubuntu because of the KDE interface. Now that I have a new box, I am in the process of downloading a fresh copy of Kubuntu 8,10 and take it for a spin on my new machine.

I’ll report back what I find.

Comments welcome.