If you have a following on social networks like Twitter, then you have access to a group of people who can give you feedback and information that can prove to be very helpful. A lot of people primarily use their social networking accounts to push content out to their followers and friends, but when’s the last time you asked them to give you their opinions? If you’re not doing this regularly, then you’re missing out on part of the fun of social networks. Twitter provides a nice way to get feedback from your followers, but it can definitely feel a little unorganized at times. A service called twtpoll enables you to have your contacts interact with a poll in an organized way.

Enter whatever question is on your mind and include the answers to match. The polls and result pages look great and users can comment on the polls in addition to participating in them. Even though the service has an obvious focus on Twitter, the polls can also be shared through Facebook, e-mail, or even your blog to ensure that everyone who wants to be involved in the poll can be.