Posting updates to Twitter can be hard work. While the actual length of the tweets may not be long, there’s probably a lot of content that you’d like to push out to your followers on a regular basis, and remembering all of it isn’t always easy. More than likely, you’ll probably want to publish updates to Twitter about whatever you’re doing online. This can include writing blog posts, recording videos, and so on. With PingVine, you can automatically post updates to Twitter,, and

The reason that I primarily mention Twitter is because it’s without a doubt the most popular of the three services. PingVine works by taking an RSS or Atom feed from any content source and posting the updates to one of the supported services. You simply specify your account credentials, the URL of the feed, and the update frequency. This automated publishing system is very helpful, and by the look of the Web site, PingVine seems to be indicating that they’ll be supporting even more services in the near future.