The Outlook calendar is something that I use on a daily basis. I use it to schedule meetings, keep track of my appointments, when important tasks are due, and so on. Every evening I open my calendar to see what appointments and meetings I have booked for the next day. I also print a hard copy of my meetings and appointments to carry around with me, in the event that I don’t have access to Outlook.

To print appointments and meetings in Outlook:

  1. On the File menu, click Print and then in the Print style box, click the print style you want. To print the details of appointments and meetings, in the Print Style box, click Calendar Details Style.
  2. In the Start list and the End list, enter the first day and the last day to print.
  3. To set other print options, such as the paper orientation or the fonts used, click Page Setup, and then select the options that you want.
  4. To print the details of private appointments, clear the Hide Details of private appointments check box.
  5. To print non-adjacent days, change to Week or Month view, select the days you want to print.
  6. File menu, click Print.